Laser Marking Machines

Industrial Laser Marking Systems for Printing and Coding applications

Laser marking is a non-contact printing method that offers advantages over other technologies including mark quality, permanence and fewer consumables. Videojet’s line of laser marking systems includes CO2, Fiber and UV laser sources in different power outputs to address a range of substrates and applications. In addition, Videojet offers a comprehensive portfolio of laser accessories including lenses and beam turning units to simplify integration into your production lines and maximize the laser’s performance.

30W CO2 Laser Marking Machine - Laser Markers - Industrial Lasers

Affordable 30 Watt Co2 Laser Marking Machine

  • Line speed upto 360 m/min.
  • Fully Featured Laser Marking addressing most application
  • German engineered one box design
Videojet CO2 Laser - CO2  Laser Marking Machine -  CO2  Laser Marker

High-performance CO2 Laser Marking Machines

  • High-resolution marking head delivers high-quality and permanent codes to support product traceability and anti-counterfeiting
  • Variety of lenses deliver one of the largest marking areas while options like beam turning unit options simplify integration
  • Multiple marking heads and wavelengths provide the flexibility to code a wide range of materials such as plastics, wood, glass, ceramics, and coated metals
  • Air-cooled laser source helps reduce maintenance intervals and additional costs
Videojet Fiber Laser - Fiber Laser Markers - Laser Part Marking Lasers

Fiber Laser Marking Machines

The fiber laser marking range was developed to meet the needs of manufacturers who work with robust, high-density packaging materials on moderate or high-speed lines.

Videojet UV Laser - UV Laser Markers - UV Laser Marking

UV Laser Marking Machines

UV laser marking system The Videojet UV Laser delivers high-contrast, permanent codes enabling product lifetime track and trace on substrates like HDPE and LDPE plastic, and other synthetic fiber materials such as DuPont™ Tyvek®

Let Videojet help you select the right laser marker to meet your production objectives and performance needs.

View our Laser Coding and Marking Print Sample Guide.

CO2 lasers: 10W, 30W, 60W; speeds up to 900 m/min and 2100 char/secFiber lasers: 10W, 20W, 30W, 50W, 100W; speeds up to 600-900 m/min and 2000 char/sec
UV laser: 2W; speeds up to 300 m/min and 500 char/secSolutions for engraving, etching, ablation, and color change

Durable and clean complex codes:

Achieve permanent and precise codes without damaging the substrate or compromising on product aesthetics. Videojet lasers can produce high-contrast codes on a variety of product colors and substrates and are capable of coding precise, detailed information such as wiring diagrams, regulatory information, and logos.

Laser Marking Label Replacement
Print Label Replacement
Laser Marking Circuit Diagram
Print Circuit Diagram
Laser Marking 2D Code and Text
Print 2D code and Text
Laser Marking Barcodes
Print Barcodes
Laser Marking Specification Plate
Print Specification Plate
Laser Marking Certification Symbols
Print Certification Symbols
What is Laser Marking?

Laser marking is marking with laser light without any additional inks, paints, mechanical tools such as needles. When the laser beam hits a product part of the laser light is absorbed. This energy transfer can cause a product surface change which is the code. Marking by laser is accomplished via color change and/ or surface structuring (melting, foaming, engraving resp. surface removal). The result: a permanent code into the surface of the product.

How does laser marking machine work?

Using an RF signal, carbon dioxide (CO2) is stimulated electronically inside the laser tube, generating a laser beam.

When the laser beam is focused or steered onto the packaging material by a series of galvo mirrors through a lens, the beam is absorbed, and heat develops. Codes marked with the steered laser beam are solidly filled.

Depending on the packaging type, laser technology converts the heat generated from the beam into a mark on the product:

  1. Color change from chemical reaction
  2. Engraving from melting, burning or cracking the top surface layer
  3. Ablation or removal of the surface coating or decorative paint of a package creates contrasting colors 
What are the benefits of Laser Marking Machine?

  1. Continuously imaged material produces characters, logos, and bar codes with continuous lines. This greatly improves the mark’s legibility
  2. Permanently mark on a wide variety of materials. This permanence helps prevent tampering of your marked information (to help reflect and support your brand’s image) and it is important in traceability applications.
  3. Mark in any orientation, even bottom up, for simple production line integration.
  4. Mark a wide variety of different text styles to better match your packaging styling. This improves your brand image and improves the consumer’s sense of quality in your product.
  5. Filters are the only supplies required for efficient laser operation. The costs associated with purchasing and storing consumables, and the operating costs associated with keeping printers filled with consumables are eliminated.
  6. The lack of fluids and marking consumables can create an overall cleaner operation, which is advantageous in food production since it helps eliminate the likelihood of ink-related product contamination.
  7. Fewer environmental challenges – laser is more forgiving in your production environment because it isn’t impacted by the temperature and humidity changes common in any production environments.
  8. Greater uptime because of less ongoing maintenance and operator intervention.
What substrates/material Videojet laser marking machines can mark on?

Videojet laser marking machine can be used to print on soft drink containers, milk and detergent bottles, blister packs, vegetable oils bottles, plastics bags, shrink wrap, hoses gaskets, food containers, audio tapes, meat packing, disposable utensils, labels, food & pharma cardboards, wooden doors, window frames, decking, glass bottles, glass vials, electronics, metal tools, metal cans and automotive & aerospace parts.

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What are the main benefits of Laser Marking Machine?

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