Videojet 1880 + Industrial Inkjet Printer

Continuous Inkjet Printers

  • Built on the high-speed 1880 platform, the Videojet 1880 + redefines excellence through enhanced design and extensive digital capabilities
  • It delivers seamless, non-contact industrial printing for almost any substrate, including flat or curved surfaces.
  • The 1880 + enables intelligent plant operations and proactive analytics, such as vital sign monitoring, smart alerts, remote support, and advanced troubleshooting.
  • Ink build-up sensor and Videojet MAXIMiZE™ built-in diagnostics suite help to reduce your main causes of unplanned downtime
  • With reduced ink consumption and precise drop placement, it significantly enhances sustainability by minimizing waste and using fewer resources

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Videojet 1880 +

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InksDye Based
Maximum Lines of Print5
Maximum Line Speed (1)334 m/min (1,097 ft/min)
Environmental ProtectionIP55, IP66
Umbilical Length3m (9.8 ft) optional 6m (19.6 ft)
Message Storage CapabilityMore than 250
Smart Cartridge™Included
Plug and Play Printhead ModulesIncluded
CommunicationsEthernet LAN and RS-232 Serial
(requires RS232 connector kit)
Positive Air / CleanFlow™Included
Expanded I/O Ports and Control#
Display (User Interface)SIMPLICiTYTM based 10.4 inch color touchscreen

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Harness digital capabilities

  • Reduce downtime with the Videojet MAXIMiZE™ advanced diagnostics suite
  • React sooner to faults and minimize the need for on-site service calls with VideojetConnect Remote Service™
  • Recover from faults more quickly with RapidRecover™ automated troubleshooting engine

Right code at the right quality

  • Clean the printhead only when needed, thanks to the unique ink build-up sensor
  • Simplify printhead cleaning to just a push of a button with the auto-rinse feature
  • Remove the potential for human error with the suite of line integration and code management capabilities

Minimize operator interventions

  • Go longer between printhead cleanings with intelligent start-stop sequence
  • Increase make-up cartridge changeover interval by up to 2x with reduced make-up consumption and 1L cartridge option
  • Easily accommodate operator-performed annual maintenance that takes just 5 minutes per year

Natural fit in your line

  • Achieve maximum line productivity and reduce downtime with easy-to-replace SmartCell™ components
  • Reduce training from the intuitive SIMPLICITY™ user interface and on-board videos that guide users through common tasks
  • Select from a wide variety of safer, more sustainable inks engineered to meet your application





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DescriptionOffers integrated Wi-Fi, which provides an easy and secure way for the printer to connect to any network, application or to Videojet Remote Service.Ideal for harsh environments, complex production line integrations, and 24/7 operations. Proactive analytics monitors vital signs and sends smart alerts to avoid downtime.For the fastest production lines, delivering exceptional code quality and printer reliability. Performance meets speed to revolutionize high throughput operations.Print micro-characters, 2D codes, and QR codes with high-resolution clarity. Optimized fonts, redesigned printhead, and auto modulation capabilities for high-resolution coding.
Shared specs– CIJ technology is extremely versatile, printing on virtually any shape, size, and material
– Easy to operate tablet-inspired touchscreen display with SIMPLICiTY™ interface reduces operator printer interactions, eliminating potential user errors
– Easy and quick preventive maintenance to avoid unplanned downtime
– Achieve stable performance and reliability across a broad range of operating conditions with the proven Videojet printhead and fluid systems
– No mess, no waste, no mistake Videojet Smart Cartridge™
– Optional VideojetConnect™ Remote Service
Max line speed293 m/min (961 ft/min)334 m/min (1,097 ft/min)508 m/min (1,666 ft/min)348 m/min ( 1,142 ft/min)
User interface10.4” 16:9 high-response TFT-LCD touch screen
Environmental protection– IP55, no plant air required, 201 stainless steel cabinet
– IP66, no plant air required, 316 stainless steel cabinet, optional CleanFlow
– IP55, no plant air required, 201 stainless steel cabinet, optional CleanFlow
– IP66, no plant air required, 316 stainless steel cabinet, optional CleanFlow
Qualified inks18 core inks
21 specialty inks
18 core inks
21 specialty inks
12 inks3 inks

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