Labeling and Printing on Corrugated and Carton Boxes

Corrugate and Carton Box Printing Requirements

Channel partners require printing on carton boxes with more than just a simple date and time stamp. Information such as product formulation, storage temperature, logos and customer addresses are printed directly on products or packaging. Labels are applied to the outside of cartons, cardboards, and cases, on the top or side, and contain bar codes, best before dates and other variable data for product identification and traceability.

Coding Solutions for Printing on Boxes

Videojet offers solutions that provide options in character height, print resolution and bar code quality including label print and apply for high bar code read rates. Colored inks for Videojet large character ink jet printers can provide visually attractive brand information and product identification. Colors can also be used to print visual cues to identify particular sub-brands, distinguish between different grades of product, or to highlight product compliance with specific building codes or regulations.

Box Labeling Machines

Print and Apply Labeler technology targets zero unscheduled downtime and direct applies up to 150 GS1 shipping labels per minute.

Corrugated Box Inkjet Printers

High Resolution Inkjet Case Coding Printers are designed and manufactured to reliably print durable, high-quality codes, bar codes and graphics—even on extended runs—with minimal intervention.

CO2 Laser for Cardboard Box Printer

CO2 Laser Marking Machines with laser receptive inks for high resolution, ultra-fast marking of text, graphics, and bar code printing on boxes with high grade readability.

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