Videojet Distributors Presence in Malaysia

Videojet is represented by our distributor partners in Malaysia, their demonstrated professionalism and commitment is a guiding principle shared by the entire Videojet global organisation. Videojet Malaysia distributors total solution involves managing, controlling, interpreting, creating, capturing, transferring, retrieving, and reading constant and variable information from the manufacturing point to delivery, consumption and feedback of products which enabled Videojet to build a strong foundation within Malaysia manufacturing and ensures Videojet is a leading brand and a trusted solution of choice for industry professionals.

Our distributor partners in Malaysia offer aftersales service for thousands of coding & marking machines deployed across the country. Videojet and distributor partners also uphold service support excellence as a fundamental principle. Together, we utilize the expertise of Videojet’s global engineering team, reinforcing our joint dedication to deliver high uptime solutions to manufacturers and packaging equipment suppliers.

Videojet Malaysia distributors aims to provide world-class technology to the industries that results in value to the world, build the future that provides further value to Industries by innovative ideas & technologies & continuously contribute to company’s Aim and built the business on trust and our passion towards engineering.

Videojet distributor branch offices are located in Puchong, Penang, Selangor, Johor & other states of Malaysia.

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Videojet Products in Malaysia

Continuous Inkjet Printers

Ideal for marking on flat or curved surfaces. Typical applications include milk containers, cans, pharmaceuticals, small cardboard boxes, and cabling.

Laser Marking Machines

Permanent and precise codes without damaging the substrate. Typical applications include food containers, plastics bags, glass bottles, metals, and automotive parts.

Thermal Transfer Overprinter

Maximum uptime advantage for printing variable content on flexible packaging and labels. Most suitable for flexible films, foils, and labels.

Thermal Inkjet Printer

Ideal for a range of CPG, pharmaceutical, tobacco and industrial applications. Suitable products include plastics, films, foils, and coated stocks.

Case Coding & Labelling

Accurate codes on product cases and cartons, provide high and low resolution ink-based systems along with automatic label application systems.

Inks, Ribbons, Parts & Supplies

Supplies extend uptime, reduce waste, improve supply chains and deliver clean, clear codes

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Pharmaceutical Industries

Pharma and Medical Device Printers

Pharmaceutical and medical device packaging demands the highest quality variable coding. Videojet offers a unique range of novel coding solutions for the wide range of packaging form factors in pharmaceuticals. Learn More>>

Tobacco Packaging Printers

Printing on Cigarette Packs

Running at rapid speeds around-the-clock, tobacco companies ask a lot from their production staff. Offering a full suite of coding solutions, Videojet can help make your job easier. Videojet designs printers and inks to meet the breakneck speeds of the tobacco industry. Learn More>>

Printing on Bottles

Bottle Printers

Equipment designed to meet the exacting demands of the beverage industry. Learn more about Videojet’s unique understanding of beverage production line bottle coding & printing challenges. Learn More>>

Cosmetic Packaging Printers

Home Care Products Printers

See how coding and marking technology can help protect your brands, profits and supply chain security in cosmetic, personal care and home care industries. Learn More>>

Aerospace & Automotive Industries

Industrial Printers for Heavy Metals

See how to make coding and marking a seamless element of automotive and aerospace manufacturing. Learn More>>