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Setting the gold standard
in ink purity, performance,
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Over 40 years of ink and fluid technology, starting with those created
for the first commercial inkjet printer, goes into every ink that Videojet
formulates and delivers today. With specially formulated inks for our
continuous inkjet range of printers. Videjet can match the ideal
ink for your application.

Our gold standard approach

Customer service
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The quality of Videojet inks
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The development process of Videojet inks
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The performance of Videojet inks
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The compatibility of Videojet inks
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The quality of Videojet inks
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Customer service and Videojet inks

Videojet inks are produced to the highest industry standards
and are specifically formulated to deliver optimal
performance and maximum uptime

Ink choices to match your application

With a variety of inks to choose from, Videojet iQMark™ inks have been designed to meet your particular requirements.

iQMarkTM supplies are responsibly designed and manufactured to maximize contrast, adhesion, and uptime while meeting safety, environmental, and regulatory requirements. Every batch is tested to ensure it meets our strict quality control specifications. Videojet partners with manufacturers to help them meet their corporate responsibility goals by providing a comprehensive range of long shelf-life supplies.

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iQMarkTM : Videojet’s sustainable fluids brand

See more… our ink experts talk
about our latest developments!

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Discover Videojet ink V4230 ink specially formulated for kraft abrasion resistance on rigid HDPE containers.

V4230 high adhesion black ink is an innovative product developed by Videojet to meet our customer’s needs. We received feedback that some inkjet codes were not adhering well enough to hard plastics like untreated HDPE, due to abrasion received during transport. So, Videojet developed ink V4230 to address this issue.

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Learn about yellow, soft pigmented Videojet V425 ink

Videojet ink specialists talk about the development and testing of V425, a yellow, soft pigmented, MEK-based ink specifically designed for coding and marking applications on plastic, wire & cable, and metal substrates.

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Learn about Videojet heat-curable, MEK-based black inks

Specifically designed for coding and marking applications in the aerospace, automotive, and electronics markets, these new Videojet black inks have excellent abrasion and solvent resistance when heat cured, meeting stringent military specification or Mil-Spec requirements.

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Videojet V485 continuous inkjet ink

Videojet ink development specialists talk about Videojet V485 ink that was specifically designed for coding and marking applications in the aerospace, automotive, and electronics markets.

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Videojet V420 and V528 returnable bottling inks

Heidi Wright, Supplies Business Unit Manager and Frank Xiao, Chemist review the Videojet V420 and V528 returnable bottling inks.

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Videojet V418 cotinuous inkjet ink

Heidi Wright, Supplies Business Unit Manager and Mike Kozee, Lead Development Chemist discuss Videojet V418 ink, which is suitable for food packaging and capable of penetrating oily residues.

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Videojet flex solvent thermal inkjet Ink

Heidi Wright, Supplies Business Unit Manager and Derek Filko, Thermal Inkjet Chemist review the Videojet flex solvent ink suitable for non-porous packaging types such as flexible films and glossy substrates.

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Learn how Videojet ConnectTM Remote Service can help you increase productivity

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VideojetConnect™ Insight for today’s productivity and tomorrow’s profitability

With simple setup and minimal investment, the VideojetConnect™ Insight can give you transparency into your packaging line operation – visibility that empowers you to maximize production throughput and reduce operating costs.

Read more about VideojetConnect™ here.

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Videojet LifeCycle Advantage™ : Your pathway to productivity

Your time is valuable. Managing your printer is not always your first priority, but a little proactivity can go a long way. Instead of waiting for unplanned downtime, you can anticipate and address issues long before they become problems.

Get more information about Videojet LifeCycle Advantage™ here.

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See how VideojetConnect™ Remote Service works in action

VideojetConnectTM Remote Service is an innovative cloud-based solution designed to help maximize your productivity. Real-time information is provided for your staff and Videojet experts to monitor equipment status, troubleshoot issues, and improve long-term performance.

Read more about VideojetConnect™ Remote Service here.

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Watch our 5 minute quick demonstration of VideojetConnect™ Remote Service

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Learn how to utilize the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) in your production environment from our Videojet expert team.

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Case Study: Bosch Packaging Technology

Find out how Bosch utilizes the Wolke m610 OEM for a powerful track and trace solution.

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