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Companies are challenged to grow their brands within an ever increasing competitive landscape where the risk of commoditization has never been higher. Product decoration is a proven product differentiation strategy to grow a brand’s share and profitability.

Consumer products decoration (e.g. to decorate nonwoven personal hygiene products), as well as industrial product decoration mean differentiating an end-use product by promoting and reinforcing a brand, augmenting real or perceived product performance, communicating product use information and entertaining the consumer. With the introduction of product decoration, a company can build upon the value of an existing brand or use the feature to launch new brands.

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Consumer products decoration can immediately improve a brand’s market position by creating a visible differentiation from non-decorated products:
  • Generate customer excitement and greater brand awareness
  • Enhance consumer satisfaction, loyalty and product usage
  • Drive cross-selling opportunities
  • Enable premium pricing
  • Help reduce the overall marketing expenditures
Videojet’s high speed, in-line, inkjet printing system and quick drying colored inks deliver a flexible, complete system:
  • Videojet’s BX binary array printer, a proven solution for product decoration across many applications, is production speed ready
  • Integrate directly in the production line for a proven ROI
  • Manage service and maintenance costs with a variety of Videojet service offerings designed to help with uptime and cost predictability
  • Inks used throughout global operations including functional inks for wetness protection
A variety of product decoration concepts can be used to visibly differentiate brands across a number of different industries:
  • Videojet’s product decoration solutions can print brands and logos, promotion support, purchase reminders, localized content, sweepstakes entries, household tips and trivia, instructional marking and much more
  • Nonwoven products such as baby diapers, adult diapers and feminine care pads lend themselves particularly well to Videojet’s product decoration solution
  • Product decoration can complement advertising budgets by visibly differentiating products in other industries including household disposables and building materials
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