Videojet BX 6500/6600 Series Printers

Binary Array InkJet Addressing System for High speed Digital Applications

The Videojet BX Series Binary Array inkjet printer delivers versatile, dependable high-speed digital printing for increased productivity.

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Print Resolution 128 x 256 dpi (in the direction of travel)
128 x 128 @ 1970 fpm (600 mpm), image dependent
Print Height 2 inches (51 mm) per printhead
Printhead Control Up to two printheads per cabinet (four printheads total)
Maximum Line Speed 1970 fpm (600 mpm), image dependent
Processor Intel Processor
Memory 4 GB
Operating System Windows® IoT Enterprise
Hard Drive 500 GB
Network 2 x 1GB LAN connections
Diagnostic Software Inspector™
Data Formats Fixed Field, Fixed Record, Delimited, Multiline, CSV, TEX, TX2, MDB, DBF, JS2
Inks Black, Red, Blue and Green
Positive Air 40/80 psi (15/30 L) min. consumption
Exceptional throughput on even the most complex jobs:
  • Provides one or two printhead(s) with 2 in (51 mm) print band(s) running at speeds up to 1970 fpm (600 mpm)
  • A single Crescendo Controller can control one or two BX6500/6600 cabinets with up to four printheads
  • Dual job capability to place each head on a separate line – both controlled by one Crescendo controller or complete a single job in half the time
Fast-drying inks to print on a broad range of materials:
  • A wide variety of fast-drying inks are available, ranging from low VOC acetone to MEK
  • Print capabilities that include printing on aqueous coated, UV coated and other difficult-to-print high gloss stocks
High reliability plus durability equals high productivity:
  • Designed to last the life of the system, the BX6500/6600 Series printheads are built to last and not be “consumable” items
  • BX6500/6600 series printers are designed to withstand the most rugged applications
  • System includes corrosion and solvent resistant stainless steel IP5X-rated cabinet and printheads

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