Small Character and Continuous inkjet Printer FAQ

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What is the difference between CIJ Printing and contact coders?

CIJ printing do not ever touch the product. CIJ printers spray the ink through the air one drop at a time in a pattern that, when a moving product passes, prints the code as programmed in the printer. Typical distance from the printer’s print head to the product is 3/16 of an inch.
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What is the difference between Continuous Inkjet (CIJ) and Drop on Demand (DOD) technologies?

The difference between CIJ and DOD is that, in CIJ, the ink is being continuously circulated throughout the printer from the fluids system through the print head, and back to the fluids system. In DOD technology, the ink is only dispersed when the printer is printing.
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What is the difference between Continuous Inkjet (CIJ) and (Large Character Marking) LCM technologies?

LCM or Large Character Marking is sometimes also referred to as DOD or Drop on Demand technology. LCM printers are typically used for secondary packing where a larger font is required. CIJ fonts usually range from 1/8th of an inch to ½ of an inch in height, whereas LCM characters can be over 2 inches tall.
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How far away from the product can Videojet CIJ printers print?

For the majority of Videojet CIJ printers, the recommended distance from the end of the CIJ print head to the product that it is printing on is 3/16” or about 4mm. When the print head is less than 3/16” from the product, the code gets smaller and the printed drops are closer together. When the print head is further than 3/16” the print height becomes taller, the printed drops are farther apart, and the drops land with less accuracy.
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Where can I find Safety Data Sheets for my Videojet InkSource™ fluids?

Safety Data Sheets for Videojet fluids are conveniently available for you to download in Adobe® Acrobat® Reader™ format by clicking here:
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What types of product detectors does Videojet offer?

Videojet offers a variety of product detectors for different types of products. Most commonly used are photo-eye type product detectors that used infra-red beams to detect when a product is coming down the line. We also offer metal detectors for metallic product detection, and small fiber optic beam detectors for detecting registry marks within a product. Contact us for more Info
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How do I contact a local Videojet representative?

You cans speak to team present in South East Asia, Australia & New Zealand region at Mobile/ WhatsApp: +65 3138 2040 and For Videojet Thailand Team contact us at Mobile/Line: +66 21 712 508 and Videojet Vietnam Team contact us at: Mobile/Zalo:+84 83 805 1033
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