Wolke M610 OEM Thermal InkJet Printer

Thermal Inkjet Printer for Track and Trace, Pharmaceutical applications

The Wolke m610 oem thermal inkjet (TIJ) printer establishes the gold standard for track and trace applications. Intelligent in design and practical in build, the m610 oem delivers breakthrough integration versatility combined with the industry’s most powerful data handling and global track and trace capabilities. Specifically designed to meet present and future serialization requirements in pharmaceutical packaging applications.

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Maximum Print Resolution 600 x 600 dpi
Print Speed(1) Up to 300 m/min (984 ft/min)
Bar Codes Multiple linear and 2D bar codes including DataMatrix, QR, GS1, PPN, HIBC
Single Printhead Print Height 12.7mm (0.5in)
Maximum Number of Printheads Connect up to 6 (print with any 6 simultaneously)
User Interface 3.5” resistive display; auto-rotates in any orientation
Data Interfaces 24V DC I/O connector, Ethernet, TCP/IP, FTP, USB-A
Environmental Protection IP20 (controller)

(1)Line speed dependant on selected print resolution

Powerful data handling for serialization requirements

  • Secure ultra-fast processing of 20 unique records per second, including 2D DataMatrix and GS1 128 bar codes
  • Powerful processing hardware with formidable data buffer for serialized record management
  • Validated Wolke remote commands and data handling commands
  • Unicode TrueType® fonts for global projects
  • Asynchronous communications practices alleviate network traffic

Ultimate flexibility when integration matters

  • Up to 60% smaller than comparable TIJ controllers with 24V DC power for easy cabinet installation
  • 18 different mounting options in various orientations, including flush-mount or DIN rail
  • Connect up to six printheads and run any four simultaneously for switching between print locations without mechanical adjustment
  • Printer operations and settings managed exclusively via the host packaging line HMI

Advanced innovation drives productivity

  • Perpetuo Print Mode™ extends production runs or allows ink replenishment without stopping the line
  • Dynamic Print Intensity™ allows different DPI resolutions to be set for bar codes and text within one printhead, optimizing ink consumption
  • Specialized portfolio of Wolke TIJ inks optimize critical applications
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Wolke m600 oem

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