Videojet Laser Simple Operator Interface

SOI is a simple operator interface combined with state of the art touchscreen technology. So streamlined, it allows for easy modification of marking code, fast job selection and startup in just a few easy steps. So flexible, it can be used with any Videojet laser marking system. The package is completed with built in error prevention to further increase uptime.

The new SOI interface is easy to use and decreases the possibility of coding errors that slow down production and cause waste.


  • Easy to read message preview is always visible
  • Same-screen direct access to control functions
  • Permission controls lock out accidental changes to settings.

Software flexibility

The software can be installed on a color touchscreen and connected to any standalone Videojet laser marking system. The flexible placement options allow for convenient access.

Or, install software on an integrated Windows® PC or PC based Human-Machine-Interface. This saves valuable space and limits the number of operator control points.

Simple operator controls

  • Quick access to common laser marking tasks
  • Customized viewing and editing privileges for each function
  • Two step message selection with AutoSave
  • Offline messaging from a PC using SmartGraph or handheld can be saved to laser marking database
  • Code position adjustments
  • Highlight and type message editing

Supervisor access

  • Overall access is password protected
  • Easy entry through “Access Key”
  • Supervisor viewing and change permissions are independent of Operator permissions

Administrator access

  • Create separate passwords for Supervisors, Administrators and Operators
  • Control AutoSave. When AutoSave is on, jobs are secured without operator initiation. When AutoSave is off, changes can be “cued up” for next shift.
  • Functions can be individually granted or set to hidden, viewable or changeable

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