You can increase operational efficiency and help protect your brand

Addressing counterfeiting and diversion is critical to prevent damage to a brand’s reputation and to protect a company’s revenue and profits.


Don’t let a bad code ruin your package design

Package design and brand image is never more important than in the cosmetics and personal care industry. That’s why Videojet believes the codes and marks applied to your products should be given the same level of consideration as the rest of the packaging. With the widest selection of technologies and consumables, Videojet can help ensure you print the perfect code to enhance your package.

Laser marking: meeting regulatory requirements while helping to protect valuable cosmetic brands

Sales of counterfeit cosmetics and personal care products can cost you, the legitimate manufacturer, billions in lost revenue each year.

Piracy and supply chain diversion can result in damage to a brand’s hard-earned equity and consumer trust, and potential consumer liability.

Laser marking acts as a deterrent by producing high-quality, permanent marks including DataMatrix codes. Since the code cannot be easily removed without damaging the product’s surface, counterfeiters and other unauthorised parties are unlikely to target those items. Laser marking allows cosmetic manufacturers to better track and trace the movement of their brands, helping ensure product authenticity and controlled distribution.