Overt coding solutions

Ideal overt codes are permanent to prevent removal by unauthorized parties. Laser marking systems can provide high quality permanent codes on many package types.

Visible codes are an important layer of defense against counterfeiting and diversion.
Overt coding solutions provide Visible, clear, and permanent codes with laser marking systems.

How laser marking systems work

Using an RF signal, carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) is stimulated electronically inside the laser tube, generating a laser beam. When the laser beam is focused or steered onto the packaging material by a series of galvo mirrors through a lens, the beam is absorbed and heat develops. Codes marked with the steered laser beam are solidly filled.

Depending on the packaging type, laser technology converts the heat generated from the beam into a mark on the product:

  • Color change from chemical reaction
  • Engraving from melting, burning or cracking the top surface layer
  • Ablation or removal of the surface coating or decorative paint of a package creates contrasting colors  

Laser codes are an ideal overt coding solution for brand protection:

  • Permanent codes cannot be removed byunauthorized channels
  • High quality marks help enable clearsmart coding techniques and instill brand confidence with customers
  • Additional text, logos, bar codes, graphics and other information can be added to enhance protection
  • High reliability and price / performance ratio

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