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Dear Valued Customer,

The health and safety of our associates, customers, and partners is our highest priority. As we continue to monitor the impact of the coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19), we are providing this update addressing the steps we are taking to support ongoing Product Supply, Business Continuity, and Health and Safety measures.

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Our Singapore office is open and will continue operations during this circuit breaker period: exemption reference no. 5e873def9b3cc50011ca5319. At this time, our Equipment, Parts, and Consumables production is running smoothly and we currently do not anticipate any significant impact on our product supply.

  • We manufacture Equipment at various locations around the world, including at a production facility in China. Our China manufacturing has been up and running since February 10 and we have not seen any disruption from our local suppliers. We also monitor shipping lanes to help ensure available routes for supply and products.
  • We manufacture ink and fluid consumable products on four continents, so we do not currently anticipate any material impact on our consumable product supply. As a precaution, we are increasing our production of inks and consumables to help ensure we have extra stock in place in the event there are business disruptions in the future.
  • We have warehouses on each continent and in many of the countries we serve, which store the primary items needed to serve customers for our major product lines.

While we have the above plans in place to help meet customer needs, in order to help make sure that we have the supply available to meet your specific product needs, we encourage you to place advance orders to help reduce the likelihood of potential delays. In special instances where we expect a significant delay in delivering products, customers can expect to be notified by their Videojet Sales or Customer Service Representative.

As we are a global business, we already have experience implementing comprehensive business continuity response plans in areas affected by COVID-19. We are continuously reviewing and expanding these plans to additional regions to help ensure we are prepared to support your business. This includes:

  • Planning to ensure adequate staffing to support customer needs on an ongoing basis. Communication plans so that Videojet representatives can be reached in the event a local region requires Associates to work from home
  • Duplication of back-office functions and IT services so business can continue in event a location needs to work from home
  • Preparing for potential staggered manufacturing shifts in the event we need to practice social distancing for manufacturing employees

While we hope that implementing these plans is not necessary in all regions, we are taking precautionary measures to be prepared.

Finally, because our priority is the health and safety of our associates and our customers, rest assured that we are committed to taking care of our associates so that they are best equipped to meet our customers’ needs. We’ve provided our employees with up to the moment information and guidance about COVID-19 and are taking appropriate and proactive safety measures to ensure that our associates are following recommended hygiene protocol, both in the workplace and at our customer sites. In addition, for those associates who are servicing our customers at their facilities, we are ensuring they are only doing so consistent with our safety guidelines.

We will continue to monitor the coronavirus situation around the globe. As always, it’s our goal to help ensure your needs are met and that we work to minimize any potential disruption.

Thank you for your continued business and partnership.

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