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Videojet Introduces Next Generation 1550 AND 1650 inkjet Printers Designed To Continously Improve Uptime And Reduce Coding Errors

Videojet Introduces Next Generation 1550 AND 1650 inkjet Printers Designed To Continously Improve Uptime And Reduce Coding Errors

New Printers Increase Equipment Availability and Drive OEE

WOOD DALE, Ill. — November 19, 2012 — Videojet Technologies Inc., a world-leading manufacturer of coding, printing and laser marking products, fluids and accessories for the product identification industry, today introduced two next generation printers to its reliable 1000 Line – the 1550 and 1650 inkjet printers. Designed with new features to promote productivity and profitability, the 1550 and 1650 inkjet printers provide metrics to measure as well as the tools to measure and improve uptime and Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). Simple to operate, the 1550 and 1650 also include Code Assurance features to help reduce coding errors and ensure the right code is printed on the right products.

With an innovative design to provide customers with high Availability for production lines and the right metrics to track it, the Videojet 1550 and 1650 printers reduce unplanned downtime through features like the patented CleanFlow™ printhead and Dynamic Calibration™ ink flow system. Designed to resist ink build-up that can lead to a shutdown, both the 1550 and 1650 possess an auto-cleaning function, meaning there are less frequent printhead cleanings and positive flow of filtered air for more reliable, clear and consistent codes, even at the end of long production runs. The unique printhead design and long-lasting core minimizes planned downtime due to long intervals – up to 14,000 hours – between planned routine maintenance cycles.

The 1550 and 1650 inkjet printers also help customers measure Uptime by providing OEE Availability metrics. The Availability measure is also configurable to more closely reflect how customers operate production lines and measure Availability across their plant. “Every company strives for 100 percent production line uptime. A recent survey by Videojet of customers representing over 400 1000 Line printers on active production lines showed an average 99.9 percent Availability in the previous month.¹ Videojet’s 1550 and 1650 inkjet printers allow customers to shrink downtime and expand Availability,” said Dennis Howe, Vice President of Business Management for Videojet.


Beyond providing an Availability metric, users need to be able to identify and eliminate the major root causes of unplanned downtime to improve it. The Videojet 1550 and 1650 printers present downtime information in a logical way to support efficient and effective problem solving. The printer enables drilling into Availability data to help discover technical and operator causes of downtime. Understanding root cause is critical to implement and achieve sustainable process improvements.


Coding errors are common – codes that are one digit off, dates that don’t exist, codes on wrong products, typing errors. These mistakes can mean waste, rework, regulatory fines and potential damage to a manufacturer’s brand. Operator error is the most prevalent cause of coding mistakes. The Videojet 1550 and 1650 possess Code Assurance features to foolproof and help prevent mistakes, keeping customer production lines productive and ensuring brand integrity.


The Videojet 1550 and 1650 are designed for limited and simple interaction so users can focus on production. Operators can access all common operations in five touches or less on a large, bright touchscreen interface. The 1550 and 1650 help provide improved control of job parameters and efficient, productive line management. In addition, the Videojet Smart Cartridge™ fluid system eliminates waste, mess and mistakes, and when it’s time for planned maintenance, the 1550 and 1650 modular core system is easily replaceable – getting customers right back to production quickly and efficiently.

“We’re dedicated to continuously work toward reducing the frequency and length of both planned and unplanned downtime so our printers are performing at maximum ability and readiness,” said Dennis Howe. “By designing our equipment to be more available, simplifying and minimizing equipment interaction and making information more actionable, we have created a coding and marking solution that delivers the maximum level of uptime available on the market today.”

For more information about the Videojet 1550/1650 printers and Videojet 1000 Line, call 800-843-3610 or visit

¹ Results of 99.9% availability obtained from a survey of customers representing over 400 printers on active production lines. Over half of the surveyed customers experienced 100% availability. Individual results may vary.

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