High Resolution Inkjet Case Coding Printers

High Resolution Case Coding InkJet Printers for Coding on Boxes, Cases and Cartons

Applying high resolution inkjet codes to outer cases and cartons can eliminate the need for pre-printed boxes and labels, helping to reduce inventory, scrap and waste. With a range of printhead heights available, Videojet high resolution inkjet systems are designed to reliably print accurate, high quality, real-time alphanumeric codes, bar codes and graphics.

Videojet 2300 Series High Resolution InkJet Printers

  • High resolution codes up to 70 mm (2.8 in) print height
  • Ink-based system eliminates need for labels on corrugate

Marsh 8000 High Resolution InkJet Systems

  • Drive up to 8 discrete printheads either 20mm (0.8”) or 51mm (2”) tall
  • Able to print in three directions (horizontal, up, or down)

PatrionPlus High Resolution InkJet Systems

  • Single controller drives low resolution and high resolution printheads
  • Drive up to 16 printheads from a single controller
  • Designed for porous (corrugate) applications

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