77% of Pharma Manufacturers likely to recommend Videojet


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An independent survey carried out with over 2000 professionals in the Pharmaceutical and Medical industry identifies where manufacturers are positioned on the road to implementing serialization.
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58% of all sites have lines impacted by FMD
(Falsified Medicines Directive) or DSCSA
(Drug Supply Chain Security Act)

All have one line impacted, 10% have more than 15

Nearly half the lines (48%) are yet to be ‘Serialization Ready

75% of lines impacted by legislation see approximately half the product being placed in a carton.

At least 75% of lines impacted by serialization require product to be bundle wrapped for aggregation.

For 66% of the lines that are not ‘Serialization Ready’…

66% of the lines that are not ‘Serialization Ready’ no action is planned for the next 12 months!

69% will be looking for a standard serialization approach across all lines

60% of responders will acquire their Serialization Printer direct from the printer manufacturer, another 26% will get theirs from a Serialization integrator

77% of Pharma Manufacturers likely to
recommend Videojet

Meeting future compliance needs

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White paper on pharmaceutical packaging serialization

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Thermal inkjet solutions for global track and trace

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*Independent Research conducted by TechValidate Survey 8th September 2015 TVID: 7F9 8DB 2C5

Track and Trace – providing confidence for the patient and control of costs and counterfeit for the supplier.

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