Pharmaceutical Thermal InkJet Printer

Thermal InkJet Printers for pharmaceutical and barcode appications

Legibility and contrast are crucial for regulatory and traceability codes and high read rate bar codes on pharmaceutical and medical device packaging. Videojet TIJ printers offer superior print quality with clean, no-mess operation and solid-state electronics requiring no controller maintenance. They allow for more complex coding options and the ability to print linear bar codes, alternate fonts, logos, and 2-dimensional codes such as GS1 DataMatrix and QR codes


  • Water and light solvent based inks for porous substrates
  • Ideal for Pharma serialization applications that use 2D bar codes


  • Powerful and secure Pharma serialization data handling
  • Designed for seamless system integration
  • Advanced innovation drives productivity
  • Flexible web interface enables easy print control from any large screen user interface

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