Videojet® DN50A/LN100A

Designed in conjunction with our sister company Foba Alltec, the Videojet DN50A and LN100A are Nd:YAG lasers designed to meet the most stringent laser marking requirements for throughput, flexibility, user-friendliness, reliability and quality. The 50 Watt DN50A is suited for applications involving engraving, a color change, color removal or annealing marking at impressively high resolution. The 100 Watt LN100A is suited for engraving applications at higher power levels for greater throughput.

DN50A LN100A
Laser Tube Nd:YAG Nd:YAG
Maximum Power 50W 100W
Laser Cooling Liquid, Internal source Liquid, External source
Maximum Print Speed 1300 characters/sec 1300 characters/sec
Maximum Line Speed 900 m/min (3000 ft/min) 900 m/min (3000 ft/min)
Environmental Protection IP44 (Laser Head), IP42 (Laser), IP22 (Marking Head) IP44 (Laser Head), IP42 (Laser), IP22 (Marking Head)
Beam Output Digital high-speed galvanometer scanner Digital high-speed galvanometer scanner
Laser Source Expected Life 10,000 – 15,000 hours 1,000 - 2,000 hours
Laser Wavelength 1.064 μm 1.064 μm
Focal Distance Options 100 mm (3.93 in) – 420 mm (16.53 in) 100 mm (3.93 in) – 420 mm (16.53 in)
Maximum Mark Window 498.5 x 361.5 mm (19.62 x 14.23 in) 498.5 x 361.5 mm (19.62 x 14.23 in)
Standard I/O Connectivity Ethernet, RS232 Ethernet, RS232
Standard User Interface Touch screen Touch screen
Optional User Inteface PC, Handheld, Software PC, Handheld, Software

High speed marking performance for greater productivity:

  • Capable of high quality marking at line speeds of up to 900 m/min (2950 ft/min) and 1300 characters/sec
  • Efficient production of marking jobs with text, machine-readable codes, graphics or other variable data

Meet the needs of a wide range of application solutions with superior laser beam quality and control:

  • The laser beam parameters can be adjusted to suit the job requirements for the best marking quality
  • Powerful software lets you create messages with automatically updated content, symbols, graphics and languages

Highly flexible integration:

  • Compact system design and innovative beam deliver system simplifies integration into production
  • Capable of being completely controlled by computer for use in fully automated production lines
  • Adaptable communication system makes print job development simpler and capable of being completed off-line

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